Market Overview

Over the past few years, driven by the growing demand for portable electronic devices, the rechargeable battery pack industry has seen tremendous growth. Digitalization of information is the trend, and most portable electronic devices carry different special digital features that cater to advanced customer needs: most mobile phones now not only provide voice communication functions but are also commonly equipped with digital cameras, games, MP3 playback and other personalization features; while digital cameras can be used for short video-shooting and have considerable memory for storage. However, the more functions an electronic device has, the more power it needs to run, and such high energy requirements can no longer be served by the ordinary primary battery of these devices. Market opportunities are abundant for rechargeable battery packs.

The Company

TWS is a world leading rechargeable battery pack manufacturer. We design, manufacture and sell rechargeable Li-ion/LIP battery packs on ODM basis. Our goal is to manufacture high quality, reliable and safe rechargeable battery packs with advanced design for our customers. We were awarded the ISO9001 accreditation in 2001. TWS has an office in Atlanta, GA to support its North America customers, and an office in Hong Kong to service its Asia clientele. TWS main production facility is located in Guangzhou, China and employs a total full-time workforce of over 1,700. We operate 24 production lines with weekly total production capacity exceeding 2 million battery packs.

To cope with market demands, TWS is expanding its scope of application of its products to suit different electronic devices. In 2003, we launched the multi-cell rechargeable battery packs for digital cameras, digital video camcorders and portable game players. Currently, our rechargeable battery packs are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, portable game players and other portable electronic devices.

In 2003, we successfully tailored for different electronic devices over 60 new models of rechargeable Li-ion/LIP battery pack, including the high energy density rechargeable Li-ion/LIP battery packs for the latest 3G mobile phones.

We cater to well-known electronic global customers and global mobile phones manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC, Research In Motion, and Hitachi-Maxell. We also enjoy close business relationship with many renowned Chinese enterprises most of which operate mobile phone manufacturing businesses in the PRC including Lenovo, TLC, and Oppo.

To better serve our customers, we provide “One-Stop-Service” covering battery pack structural design, protection circuit module (PCM) and layout design, injection mould design, plastic moulding and the assembly of finished products. Our technical engineers will coordinate the production process with the different departments involved making sure the production lines, process and quality control measures are properly set up, and the final products meet all customer requirements. The practice shortens the production process, heightens corporate efficiency and cost advantage yet guarantees product quality.

According to the “Advanced Rechargeable Battery Industry 2003-2004” report published early 2004 by the Institute of Information Technology Limited (“IIT”) in Japan:
  • In terms of total output, TWS is the world’s largest specialised battery pack manufacturer of Li-ion/LIP single-cell rechargeable battery packs;

  • TWS is the third largest manufacturer of Li-ion/LIP single-cell rechargeable battery packs globally in terms of total output;

  • TWS is amongst the top major rechargeable Li-ion/LIP battery pack producers in terms of technology and production speed.